Created by...

Conjuguemos was started in 2000 by me, Alejandro Yegros, a Spanish teacher in Weston HS, (Weston, MA). I wasn't a fan of teaching verb conjugations and figured a computer program could do this task better than me and a bunch of worksheets. So I started CONJUGUEMOS as a hobby and have kept at it for many years. I still work in the same school, and over the years have helped teachers add a lot of content to this site.

Used by... (many, many schools)

This site has about 3.5 million registered users, and is used by hundreds of thousands of students a day to learn verbs. It is a community-sourced site: almost all the activities were created by teachers around the country and world who have wanted to add to the site. Teachers approach me via the site, I make the computer code, and they provide the word lists. I would say that collaboration has been the highlight of the years working on this project.

Pics and why the frogs in this site?!?!

  1. That first photo to the right? That's me... sort of. I'm way older now. Getting old is no fun. I don't like pictures of me, but I liked this picture that this class took of us.
  2. The second photo is a colleague of mine in Weston High School wearing a cool CONJUGUEMOS T-shirt. Her name is Gina Barbosa, she teaches Latin. She's obviously awesome, and demanded to get paid $20 to model the shirt.
  3. The frog in the site is not a frog. It's a coqui, a type of small frog that is basically the Puerto Rican national animal. See pic to the right. I'm Puerto Rican, so I figure my site should represent my people a bit.

If you're a long-timer user, drop me a note. This site has changed and grown tremendously over the years, and I'd be curious to hear what those who have gone through it think.