PRETERITE: Spell-Changing: i - y


Verb endings AER/EER/OIR/OER change the normal I part of the ending to a Y in the third person. The pattern resembles a "sandal," so these verbs are also called "sandal" verbs. It also adds an accent over the letter I in the other forms.

i -> y

leer: to read

leí leímos
leíste leísteis
leyó leyeron

creer: to believe

creí creímos
creíste creísteis
creyó creyeron

Sample verbs:

  1. construir
  2. creer
  3. huir
  4. incluir
  5. influir
  6. oír
  7. poseer
  8. raer
  9. concluir
  10. fluir