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1.French Vocabulary: Adjectives (Descriptive & Opposite)
2.French Vocabulary: Body
3.French Vocabulary: Body (Hands & Feet)
4.French Vocabulary: Body (Internal)
5.French Vocabulary: City (Buildings)
6.French Vocabulary: City (Street)
7.French Vocabulary: Clothing
8.French Vocabulary: Clothing (Adjectives)
9.French Vocabulary: Clothing (For Rain and Cold)
10.French Vocabulary: Clothing (Undergarments)
11.French Vocabulary: Clothing: (Shoes & Accessories)
12.French Vocabulary: Colors
13.French Vocabulary: Days, Months, & Seasons
14.French Vocabulary: Family
15.French Vocabulary: Feelings
16.French Vocabulary: Food (Containers)
17.French Vocabulary: Food (Cooking)
18.French Vocabulary: Food (Fruits)
19.French Vocabulary: Food (In the Restaurant)
20.French Vocabulary: Food (Meals)
21.French Vocabulary: Food (Meat, Poultry, & Seafood)
22.French Vocabulary: Food (Supermarket)
23.French Vocabulary: Food (Utensils and Kitchenware)
24.French Vocabulary: Food (Vegetables)
25.French Vocabulary: Graduation
26.French Vocabulary: House
27.French Vocabulary: House (Apartment)
28.French Vocabulary: House (Bathroom)
29.French Vocabulary: House (Bedroom)
30.French Vocabulary: House (Chores)
31.French Vocabulary: House (Cleaning Supplies)
32.French Vocabulary: House (Daily Routines)
33.French Vocabulary: House (Dining Room)
34.French Vocabulary: House (Kitchen)
35.French Vocabulary: House (Living Room)
36.French Vocabulary: Mall
37.French Vocabulary: Numbers & Ordinals
38.French Vocabulary: Personal Information
39.French Vocabulary: School (Actions)
40.French Vocabulary: School (Classroom)
41.French Vocabulary: School (Places)